Norwegian Casino Access – Facts Behind the Laws in Norway

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If you are wanting to step up from playing free slot games to playing real money slot games, then this guide introduces you to the world of Norwegian casinos and how the country handles the roots of gambling. This discusses the law, businesses, and expansive online gaming.

How Gambling Works in Norway

Norway is infamous for its laws and attitude towards gambling. In Norway it is illegal to gamble, well, this is what they would have you believe. Norway is not part of the EU, so the rules and laws are their own and cannot be disputed. When it comes to taxation, it’s just the same as any other EEA country, where any wins must be tax deductible, but wind back a second, they want gambling outlawed, yet they want part of your money should you win?

This is where the Norwegian laws on gambling start to fall over itself.

Same as Everyone Else

The Norwegian attitude is rather a lot like many other countries. If you want to gamble, you must do so on our terms, and we’ll take a big cut in the financial gain.

In Norway, there are two businesses that are state-owned for the entire market for Norway. These are sports betting with Norsk Rikstoto and lottery betting with Norsk Tipping. Both these businesses have complete exclusivity over their field in gambling and fully controlled by the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs if you believe it.

Now, it is very easy to criticize what the Norwegian government has done here, but it’s not unlike other countries both in and out of the EU.

Gambling still is a taboo for parties, the problem is, it can generate a huge amount of revenue in taxes, made against the casino and against its players should they win. Now, the laws are somewhat ambiguous because there is no real clear indication as to what online gambling is banned. The laws only address gambling and only enough, even the prohibition of advertising is illegal, yet there is admittance to the fact that it cannot be controlled due to a lack of resources.

These holes in the laws and regulations allow for online casinos to be accessed by Norwegian players without repercussions and if wins are gained, it is illegal of the government to run checks. Frankly, it’s a mess they have created themselves because they want the tax, but they don’t want to be seen to endorse gambling.

How Online Casinos Work for Norwegians

As the laws are ambiguous and don’t clarify the facts of online gaming, the window is left open for players to access online casinos that have registration in other countries that are legitimately licensed by other governing regulators and bodies. The two most famous ones are the UK Gambling Commission and the MGA who are the Malta Gaming Authority, casinos regulated by such bodies allow for Norwegian players to sign up and play with the krone currency. So, how do you go about finding the right online casino?

Getting the Best Casino Online in Norway

To find the best Norwegian casinos online is to use independent comparison sites that list out those which are legally validated Norwegian casino sites. They will have been checked and tested by the service provided, certified as safe and give assurance on reputable operators that welcome players from Norway.

By heading to such a site, you remove the risk of falling for illegal operations mainly because new players are unable to recognise the signs of what makes a casino a legitimate platform to join.

Firstly, you have the issue of licensing. There are only a handful of licensing bodies out there and the evidence of a license must be put on the website along with the license number and date of issue.

Next, casinos must provide the information of who the business owner is, this will allow you to know where the casino has been registered in relation to country and if it meets the online codes of conduct.

Lastly, there is the issue of software and the protection it gives to its members. Software must be tested and certified by an independent body or lab, prior to going live online and meet the standards of the industry.

All these points, it would be fair to say, would not register in the minds of new players to check prior to joining because of the complexities and through the sheer willingness to want to play and omit such thoughts of searching a casino’s background records, which the independent comparison sites do, like the one linked to this article for Norwegian casinos.

What You Get from Online Services

If you are from Norway, you will already be aware of the limitations you have for gambling, limited sports betting and limited lottery services. If you are new to online casinos, then you are about to enter an expanse of games to the like of which you have never witnessed before.

There is a reason why casinos online are now one of the biggest hits the internet has ever experienced. The dynamics of betting has shifted vastly in favour of the player, in terms of opportunity and possibility because the prizes are so much bigger and accessible.

Features of an Online Casino

Online gambling is limitless and abundant. Casinos online host everything there is in the industry and ever has been. There are casinos out there that you are able to join that provide online sports betting across all major and global sports whether it be football, boxing, horse racing, motorsports, tennis and so on.

Aside from this, you have the live stream service of table games hosted by live dealers. These invite you to play one on one games of blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette and many more that also include the new selection of game show games like Deal or No Deal.

Lastly, you have your virtual machines, virtual card games and virtual table games, but more popular amongst this section, you have your online slot machines. Thousands upon thousands of these exist and with them come the progressive jackpot titles that will enable you to win life-changing sums of money all paid out in the krone currency.

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